Jumpking, from Plano, Texas, supplies the majority of trampolines in use in America today. Jumpking was created over 50 years ago when the two largest manufacturers of trampolines at the time joined forces. Jumpking also produces trampoline accessories, enclosures and replacement parts. Jumpking has sold over a million trampolines worldwide. Their trampolines satisfy both United States and European Union standards.

Jumpking's JumpPOD was newly designed in 2006. This top quality trampoline features a fully integrated safety enclosure. The trampoline poles and the enclosure slot together as one unit. There is no need for unsightly brackets. It is available in diameters of 14 feet, 12 feet and 10 feet. The 14 foot model is 36 inches high; the 12 foot model is 34 inches high and the 10 foot model is 28 inches high. This trampoline not only looks good, but it's built to last as well. Jumpking trampolines feature a fully galvanized rust resistant steel frame. They come with a handy shoe net for shoe storage while you jump. Their new "Eurospring" design reduces stress to the frame and gives you the best jumping performance possible. Its horizontal quick-fit shock corded rods create a safe and secure enclosure. Jumpking's tri-layer socket enhances safety and improves durability. Jumpking trampolines are easy to assemble.

The Jumpking JumpPOD was the best selling trampoline in 2006 and is set to revolutionize the trampoline market. In addition to selling trampolines, Jumpking sells a wide variety of trampoline accessories including frame pads, jumping surfaces, enclosure parts, ladders, weather covers and anchor kits.