Airzone trampolines is one of the UK's largest suppliers of outdoor entertainment. Airzone manufactures trampolines in 8, 12 and 14 foot sizes. Airzone also makes accessories to assist you in your trampoline experience. Airzone trampolines feature rust resistant galvanized steel construction. They are ASTM approved and come with a standard two year warranty.

The Airzone 14 foot trampoline is easy to assemble. It features six leg construction and extra-thick padding for protection. The 14 foot model has a frame height of 36" and a mat diameter of 12'6". There are 84 springs or stretch bands giving bounce to this trampoline. Airzone trampolines are available with either stretch bands or traditional springs. Airzone's patented stretch bands are safer than traditional metal springs. Stretch bands give superior controlled bounce. Weight limit for this model is 250 pounds.

Airzone's 12 foot trampoline is also available with stretch bands or springs. The stretch band model has a weight limit of 150 pounds. The spring model has a weight limit of only 138 pounds. The spring-equipped model is less expensive than the stretch-band model.

Like the other models, the 8 foot Airzone is available both with springs and with stretch bands. Frame height on this unit is 20". The foam thickness is 1". This model uses 44 bands or springs.

Airzone makes several accessories for their trampolines. They make safety enclosures to prevent jumpers from making a hard landing on the ground. Trampoline covers keep your trampoline clean and free from debris. The cover prevents premature wear and aging during harsh winter months. Tie down pegs allow you to anchor your trampoline firmly to the ground.

Airzone trampolines, featuring their patented Stretch Band technology, are innovative, safe and fun. With 8', 12' and 14' models, Airzone has a trampoline that will fit in your backyard.